On the Road

Hi everyone! Some info will be repeated on this post to mention some things I missed regarding the first bus ride. Friday we left Khajuraho to go to Agra on a long 12 hour bus ride. We stopped at a restaurant that is owned by Indu's assistant's uncle (Thank You Gogo!!). We had a huge... Continue Reading →

Taj Mahal

On Friday we drove 12 hours with traffic and breaks from Khajuraho to Agra. We spent a night in a really nice hotel called the JayPee and that is where I uploaded the mid-trip blog. Saturday morning we took our bus to the Taj Mahal ticket building and then took a shuttle to the grounds... Continue Reading →

Khajuraho Temples

On Tuesday we had a break from class and traveled to the Khajuraho temples. We left the Ashram at 4:30am to get there by 5:00am. When we arrived at the temples, we walked to the active Shiva temple (red flag symbolizes it's active) for the new moon ceremony. Words cannot describe how amazing this experience... Continue Reading →

Half Way Through the Journey

Hi everyone! I am fortunate enough to have high speed internet today in Agra. In Khajuraho I had enough internet to upload about 3 photos per day but not enough to update the blog. The past week we intensely studied an ancient Indian text called Devi Mahatmyam which is the Divine Goddess or Divine Feminine Energy.... Continue Reading →

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